Jo Confino - About me image

The motivation for my photographic practice is simple. The cornucopia of life’s experiences can easily overwhelm our five senses and block us from touching our deeper spiritual essence. My photographs represent a wish to offer moments of quiet contemplation in order to appreciate our inner wisdom and the extraordinary beauty and diversity of the world in which we live.

I am happiest in nature, far from the madding crowd, and have as much an appreciation of the quiet majestic power of trees as I do of a decaying autumn leaf.

My love of contrasts extends to an interest in exploring fluidity and rigidity. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the playfulness of light on water but I am also attracted to straight lines that are embodied in my work on metal, pipes and mesh.

This shows also in my interest in experimenting with duality, not as a way to highlight separation, but as a call to unity.